Frequently Asked Questions



Is it True that LED lights do not attract Insects?

Most insects are primarily attracted to Ultra-violet rays, which help them forage, navigate and select mates. For example, Indian moths are attracted to UV-365nm and green light-500nm. LEDs do not have UV content and hence do not attract many insects compared to conventional light sources.

What is the most efficient type of lighting?

Without a doubt LED fittings or globes are the most efficient way of lighting your home.  Led globes have a longer life span, use less power then the old types of globes and runner far cooler.

Have you got a bricks and mortar store and if so where is it?

Yes we do have a bricks and Mortar store.  It can be found at 154 Albany Hwy Albany in Western Australia.  We also sell online and we have attractive terms and conditions including free freight on orders over $200

Do you sell fittings that do not require an electrician to have them fitted?

Yes we do they are called a DIY fitting

Do Stainless Steel Exterior Lights need maintaining.

Yes even the Marine Grade Stainless Steel Lights will need to be cleaned .  Stainless steel is robust but can still deteriorate.  Our advise is that it is cleaned and wiped with a substance like WD 40 OR CRC.  This will coat the fitting and give it some protection.

Are there electricians that you could recommend?

We have a list of electricians on our website including phone numbers .


Do you sell do it your self light fittings.

Yes we have a huge range of DIY fittings.  In fact we have the largest range in the south west.

Do you only sell lights in your store

No we sell ecco panel wall heaters, Infrared patio heaters, Mirrors, Candles, Clocks and art, including outside wall art

Are Leds the best lighting for your home?

Yes Leds are cheaper to run then any other light source.  Added to this the globes last longer then any other type of Globe.  They are also brighter