Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas

Shine a light: How to clean globes, shades & fittings

Did you know: Dirty light fixtures don’t only dull a room, they actually waste more energy?

Yep, unclean lights and their fixtures can reduce light output by 50%.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t...

How to simply clean ceiling fans

Ceiling fans have to be one of the worst things to clean, yet they're also one of the biggest dust traps in your home.

What's worse is that every time...

Plastic bladed Ceiling Fans. The new idea in fans

ABS Plastic Ceiling Fans – Taking over the Ceiling Fan industry

ABS Plastic Ceiling Fans are now the leading ceiling fans in the country, offering a durable sturdiness and quiet...

How to work out the quantity of lights in a room

How much light do I need in a room and how do I work that out?


Would you like to replace your energy- draining High Bay globes with energy-efficient Led Alternatives?

 Super bright lights for when you are working in the shed

            Many commercial and also many domestic sheds use High Bay lighting because of their excellent...

7 Things to do to your home before placing it on the market

Now is a great time to list your home for sale.

At this this time of the year there is a lot of movement on the...