Would you like to replace your energy- draining High Bay globes with energy-efficient Led Alternatives?

 Super bright lights for when you are working in the shed

            Many commercial and also many domestic sheds use High Bay lighting because of their excellent light output.  They are super bright and light up large areas and when you are working that is definitely what is needed.

The disadvantage of this type of light is that they use huge amounts of power ( up to 400 watts ) and in the instance of the power going out, the globes need time to cool down and heat up again, before they come back on.  In the case of power failures this is a real pain as this process of cooling down and heating up can take up to 15 minutes, which is valuable time lost.

Direct Lighting Albany  now has an excellent solution and a great alternative.

They have a new 70 watt led globe that fits right into your old fitting.  This globe uses 70 watts of power and can be used in many existing fittings.  They also have a life span of 40,000 hours so apart from being super energy efficient they also last for many many years.

So come and see us at direct lighting or alternately give us a call.


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