6 Questions to ask when choosing lighting solutions for your dining room.

Lighting is art and there is no reason why one cannot dress up a dining room. The reasons for this can be many and varied. 

When choosing lights for any room there are a number of things you need to think about.

Therefore, first of all , ask yourself this question, “What is this room going to be used for”?

Further consider these questions as well:

  1. Will I sit at the table and read the paper?
  2. Will I sit at the table and do some book work?
  3. Will I sit at the table and do some crafts?
  4. Or will I only be eating at this table?
  5. Is one light enough or would it look more balanced with 2 or even 3 lights.
  6. What style of fitting would suit my décor?

Another trick is to have the fittings at different heights

Answering yes to questions 1-3 mean that plenty of light will be needed whereas answering yes to question 4 may mean that you are only after a feature light, rather than a light that puts out copious amounts of light.

Another thing to think about is the height of the fitting. Generally, over a table, pendant lights could hang a little lower as long as they do not obscure other participants or cause a glare when looking at other diners.

So jazz up your dining room and make it a centre-piece of your home.


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