7 Things to do to your home before placing it on the market

Now is a great time to list your home for sale.

At this this time of the year there is a lot of movement on the real-estate scene as families are leaving and moving into town.  And many of them move at this time of the year so that the kids can start the New Year in a new school.

But before you place your home of the market there are 7 things you should do to make your home more attractive to  a buyer.

  1. De-clutter your home. This ,believe it or not can make your home look bigger.  Added to this a cluttered home makes it difficult for the buyer to imagine their things in this home.
  2. Clean your home until it sparkles. This seems obvious but it is important that everything is spotless.  For example if you went into a lighting store and saw that the stock on display was dusty and the  light shades were dirty would this make you shy away from this product.  Your home is no different.  For example make sure the windows sparkle.
  3. Paint your home or parts of it.  A fresh coat of paint gives your home a smell like a new home and makes it look fresh and inviting.
  4. Buy some soft furnishings to lift the look and feel of the home ( think cosy)
  5. Remove and discard dated window coverings and light fittings. For a few dollars light fittings can be replaced.
  6. Add some greenery inside the home. Some nice small palms or ferns  maybe
  7. Tidy the garden. Again a real obvious one but a real well maintained garden can add dollars and appeal to your home

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