Plastic bladed Ceiling Fans. The new idea in fans

ABS Plastic Ceiling Fans – Taking over the Ceiling Fan industry

ABS Plastic Ceiling Fans are now the leading ceiling fans in the country, offering a durable sturdiness and quiet operation that can be used both in the interior and exterior of your home.

In the last year there has been a massive shift in the ceiling fan industry, with the introduction of ABS plastic ceiling fans which are unique and contemporary in design. In previous years, we’ve only had the limited options of timber-bladed ceiling fans for interior use and metal-bladed ceiling fans for exterior use. With our warm Australian climate and the popularity of indoor/outdoor living, we are seeing many new homes being built so that they flow seamlessly from the indoors to the outdoors, which becomes harshly interrupted when the ceiling fans differ in style. Now with the introduction of ABS plastic blade ceiling fans, we can have the same super quiet but powerful ceiling fan in our bedrooms and living areas, as we also can have in our exterior.


ABS plastic blade ceiling fans are not only superior in technology and operation, but offer new designs never seen before in the ceiling fan industry. Because of the playable material, ABS blades can be manipulated upon construction along with key engineering to create beautiful shapes that look fantastic and optimise the airflow generated by the ceiling fan.

Other benefits of the abs blades are

  • Impact resistant
  • Quite operation
  • Easier to clean then wooden or steel blades
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor.
  • They simply look better then the old style of blade.
  • Blades do not swell or rust


With a wide range of ABS plastic ceiling fans on display in our Albany showroom and an even wider range available now is a great time to replace or fit new ceiling fans .

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