Cleaning Tiffany style lamps

By Greg Spaanderman, Managing Director/ Founder at Direct Lighting

Tiffany lamp shades are often antiques or expensive pieces of lighting furniture that are much loved and much sought after.

They bring a certain ambience and homely feel to any room. At times these much-loved items also need cleaning. The best thing to do is to dust them regularly with a feather duster and then to wipe them clean with a window cloth.

As I was doing the research for this blog many websites have suggested using lemon oil based cleaners. These cleaners use a product called Delimone Oil to clean. These are not easy to come by particularly in Australia and, therefore, after some research I would suggest that one uses a different method.

There are a number of companies now that use only water as their main cleaning agent. One of these is the Norwegian company called Norwex. They have many consultants here in Australia and their website is

Our suggestion, therefore, is to use the Enviro cleaning cloth with a little water to wipe down the shade and then use the window cloth to wipe off any water and give it a gentle polish.

This should give you many years of enjoyment with your shades and keep them looking pristine .

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